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Backing the Vanguards

Backing the vanguards, to help them flourish for enduring common good.


Organization Strategy

We attempt to assist clients in resolving their strategy issues from formulation to implementation. We develop an organization's strategy based on market data and the firm's existing position, while investigating best practices. ILIA's deep experience in secondary and primary research, along with a broad network of business connections, will reinforce this approach.

Business Transformation

We assist our clients in planning and executing a transformation solution that is targeted to their specific needs. We accomplish this by establishing a transformation office in your organization and assisting you in designing and implementing business presagers that will help the company flourish.

Data Analytics

ILIA's data and analytics consulting teams helps clients in identifying and capturing the most valuable and relevant insights from their data, transforming them into competitive advantages. We offer a wide range of data value chain services, from data preparation to advanced insights acquired by aggregating data from diverse sources. We can assist our clients with data-driven issue solving, data storytelling, business intelligence, and data-driven decision-making.

Market Research

We provide qualitative and quantitative research services, including desktop and outdoor research methodologies. Based on the data collected, we may identify market trends and sizes, assisting businesses in making fact-based decisions.


In today's confusing market and changing work environment, people are the primary resource that drives an organization's productivity and success. This shifting market also makes it more difficult for businesses to find, motivate, and retain their most valuable employees. We accelerate your company's growth by investing in its people. We design and implement leadership development programs, provide soft and human skills workshops, and provide performance coaching.

Business Set Up

Our business setup professionals make the process easier for startups, growing businesses, and multinational operations. From strategic planning to legal compliance, we personalize our services to ensure a smooth launch and a solid basis for long-term growth. With ILIA, you may transform obstacles into strategic advantages for a thriving future.

Growth, Marketing & Sales

ILIA helps companies in scaling and increasing market share by identifying and predicting impediments, as well as assisting businesses in overcoming challenges.

Private Equity

At ILIA, we take pride in our private equity professionals' steadfast dedication to realizing the maximum potential of your assets. We thrive in creating strategic investment plans, fine-tuning portfolios for maximum performance, and orchestrating value creation that aligns with our customers' objectives.

ILIΛ: Backing the Vanguards

A management consulting firm is a professional service firm that provides advice and assistance to organizations to improve their performance, efficiency, and overall business strategy. These firms are typically composed of highly skilled and experienced consultants who work closely with clients to analyze their current business processes, identify areas for improvement, and recommend solutions.

Our vision is to establish a presence in the management consulting market of Iran and aiming to capture 0.5% of the P+GCC (Persian+Gulf Cooperation Council) market share.

Get clear on what's really important to us: our personal philosophy is so deeply ingrained, that is often hard to specify, so we take some time to think about them, reflect on them, and document them.
Walk our talk all the time: we absolutely cannot violate our own "Guiding Principles" or they become meaningless. If we find this difficult, there's a bigger problem.
Communicate them: every chance we get, we remind ourselves and each other of them.
Hire and onboard with them: we consider them at the get go when hiring. Don't think they'll fall in steps later.
Enforce them: if we are aware of a violation, we make you sure we act appropriately. All ILIΛn’s are the ambassadors


— We build best systems for everyone

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