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Iran's Homeware Industry

Iran’s Homeware Industry

This Expo Insightry report provides a snapshot of Iran’s Homeware in four sections:

Section One – Iran Macroeconomy at a Glance

  • Iran’s GDP composition shifted in 2011-2022: Services surged (CAGR 4%), Agriculture held steady (2%), Industries dipped (1%), while Oil & Gas contracted (-4%)

Section Two – Homeware Figures

  • The homeware industry represents 1.1% of the total industrial enterprises, employs 1.6% of the industrial labor, and contributes 1.2% of the industrial added value
  • Unlike production, and added value, investment in the household appliance has increased 2.5 times from 2011 to 2020
  • From 2018 to 2022, the production volume of major home appliances in Iran has increased, achieving 7.6 million units

Section Three – Homeware Exports

  • While Iranian appliance exports boomed in value since 2019, a larger volume surge suggests a decrease in unit value per export
  • Five countries (Iraq, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, UAE, and Türkiye) dominated Iranian appliance exports in 2023, capturing 89% of the value and 90% of the volume, with Iraq as the top destination at 50%
  • While over 2018-2022, Iraq has maintained its share from Iran’s homeware export, destinations including Azerbaijan, UAE, and Türkiye have increased their share
  • After 12% shrinkage over 2018-2020, export value of major appliances has increased 88% through 2022, while its volume has grown just 53% over that period
  • From 2020 to 2022, export of refrigerators has experienced 169% and 129% growth in value and volume, identifying itself as the largest category of major appliances’ export
  • Over 2018-2022, export value of fans has reduced 57%, while its volume has remained unchanged, suggesting dramatic decline in price of Iran’s exporting fans
  • Export of radios and TVs has experienced a volatile trend, remarkably witnessing ~226% growth following by 86% decline in export value just over the period of 2019-2021

Section Four – Homeware Top Players

  • According to the IMI-500 ranking, the companies Entekhab Electronics, Parsh Tousheh, and Maadiran are among the household appliance manufacturers in Iran that have been selected and analyzed in the report

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