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Iran's Automotive Industry

Iran’s Automotive Industry

This Expo Insightry report provides a snapshot of Iran’s Automotive in four sections:

Section One – Iran Macroeconomy at a Glance

  • Iran’s GDP composition shifted in 2011-2022: Services surged (CAGR 4%), Agriculture held steady (2%), Industries dipped (1%), while Oil & Gas contracted (-4%)

Section Two – Automotive Figures

  • In 2020, Iran’s automotive industry comprised 3% of total industrial enterprises, employed 9% of industrial labor, and contributed 6.7% to production value
  • In 2022, Iran ranked among the top 16 countries in terms of the quantity of cars produced
  • Car production is near the level of production in 2016 with passenger cars as the predominant car type shaping 88% of the total in 2022
  • Between 2011 and 2022, passenger car production has undergone fluctuations, while production in Iran has shown signs of recovery since 2019
  • Approximately 46% of Iranian families do not own a personal car, indicating a significant shortage in car supply

Section Three – Automotive Exports

  • Iran’s volume of automotive export increased by a 1% CAGR while the export value shrank by 4% in 2018-2022, suggesting lower prices or selling less valuable goods
  • In 2023, Iraq took a third of Iran’s car exports, while Venezuela (despite just 9% volume) offered the highest value per car exported
  • Iran’s export basket has seen a dramatic transformation in 2022, Venezuela acquired 24% of the export value, whereas its share was about 1% in 2021

Section Four – Automotive Top Players

  • According to IMI-500 (2022 version) the following four are the top players in automotive industry: (1) Iran Khodro, (2) Saipa, (3) Iran Khodro Dizel, (4) Bahman
  • Automakers with less productions have much higher growth rate, showing new emerging players and competition in the automotive industry

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